Beyoncé and family have explored Italy, Cuba, and other places, which she shared through social media. For those who wish to travel like Beyoncé here is a rundown of the things to do and the places to go.

Visit the Amalfi Coast

Queen Bey appears to love Italy more than anywhere else in the world. Most travelers cannot afford to spend $900,000-a-week yacht while in a foreign country. As an alternative, try the 8 Days-Rome-to-Florence small-group tour. It is a group package so you can still marvel at those same places that Beyoncé and her family visited at a very different price. You will have the chance to travel to Rome, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast to find out why Beyoncé fell in love with this beautiful country.

Enjoy the Beautiful Sardinia

Drift to paradise on the second-largest Mediterranean island and stay at the Grand Resort Ma&Ma. The place lets you experience a stay in contemporary luxury, without the five-star price. They also offer a five-star stay, including breakfast, discounts, shuttle-bus carriage to the city center and more. Since Italy is Beyoncé's favorite European destination, it would be a miss if you do not visit Sardinia. Moreover, Sardinia's beer consumption per capita is double compared to mainland Italy, so expect beers and more beers.

Cruise to the Mediterranean

Sail away through Croatia by boat and stopover at Hvar. It is one of Beyoncé's favorite places. Beyonce even named her daughter after a tree she saw in the town. There is a travel package by Topdeck which includes one of the most beautiful countries on earth which happens to be the Hollywood couple's favorite too. Furthermore, make sure to go to the Hula Hula bar in West Hvar. This is the place where Beyoncé and Jay-Z were seen drinking their cocktails through the night.