If your planning on a trip or vacation to visit one of the famous and largest castles in the world then you might need to start saving up, and think of going east side of the world. There are many castles in the world, though some are just interesting as the others because of the stories behind the walls of the castle and how it looks from medieval to renaissance type of structure.

One most famous castles can be found in Prague. It is also named as the world's largest ancient castle from age, looks and its size as it is not just the ordinary type of castle but it is a complex of buildings that make the castle.

According to Daily Venue, Prague Castle is one of the most visited sites in all of Europe as it represents the stunning and timeless architecture of Prague. The castles is found hill top wherein it overlooks the whole city of the Czech capital offering a beautiful view of the city.

Prague Castle which was built in the 9th century and modified in the 10th and 14th centuries spans an area of 18 acres over all. The whole complex of the castle offers Romanesque and Gothic style architecture that looks very stunning where you could feel like your just in the past.

Guiness labeled it as the largest ancient castle in the world, though it does not mean that it really is the largest castle in the world since there are just so many. In Asia, There is the Forbidden City which was once an Imperial Palace which covers a total of 178 acres overall.

From the largest castle, Prague Castle there is also a record for the largest palace in the world, the Forbidden City which can be found in Beijing. Though many are confused about the difference of a palace and a castle so here's the explanation.

According to Travel and Leisure, a large building typically in the late centuries of the medieval period which had its walls attacks and all, that is a castle. On the other hand, for the large impressive building with a ruler like a pope or a king is called a palace. For more of the latest news and current events around the world stay tuned to Travelers Today.