The latest installment in the "Final Fantasy" series exceeded all expectations upon its release. For most gamers, "Final Fantasy XV'' is not only a video game but a metaphor depicting a road trip adventure we all want to experience.

On the surface "Final Fantasy XV'' is a road trip story of a group of strangely beautiful young men avoiding a war. Essentially, Final Fantasy XV is a very modern elucidation of the series' previous games: four warriors spontaneously discovering dangerous wilderness, seeing exciting towns, furnishing themselves with weapons, gears, and magic to battle with terrifying monsters and boarding on a quest to prevent an apocalypse.

Every single feature of "Final Fantasy XV'' plus the abridged magic system, works to upkeep the feeling of a classic expedition with your best friends, says, SMH. This is further manifested on the way traveling relies on your car, on the main story that has you recovering vestiges and earning the favor of the gods, and even the make-believe places somewhat resembling the rural America atmosphere of the towns.

"Final Fantasy XV'' is a game where one of your team members constantly snaps pictures, even while firing artilleries at enemies that can certainly endanger his life. Just for the sake taking photos so as to have something to look at over dinner later that night. This resembles the modern effect social media has on our lives nowadays. The habit of taking photos and posting them on the web so as to share it with other friends and family members.

"Final Fantasy XV," made by Japanese studio Square Enix, expresses its road trip in the Americana of truck stop restaurants and a sprawling country of diverse climates. According to KillScreen, the player drives down a freeway late at night, attending to the radio and talking with the strange hitchhikers who sporadically appear in the passenger seat, a situation most travelers often do with hitchhikers seeking a lift.

For everyone else, "Final Fantasy XV'' is a weird, magnificent and very Japanese classic about friendship and fighting. It entails an investment of time and learning, just like in real life, just like on every road trip, on every adventure. Time and learning is a process that goes efficiently hand in hand whether in games or in our life's adventures.