This 2017, the tourism sector will celebrate the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. And with that in mind, the third International Congress on Ethics and Tourism will again take place, but this time they will be hosted by Poland on April 27-28, 2017.

The main focus of the third meeting of the Congress is to provide a more ecological tourism sector, where all stakeholders must now practice and sustain responsible tourism practices. This event is organized by the World Tourism Organization in partnership with the European Commission and the Government of Poland.

Other agendas to be discussed in the Congress are responsible consumption patterns, corporate social responsibility, and providing more benefits concerning tourism development particularly to the women, youth, the disabled, and the indigenous people in a certain local community.

The Congress also aims to inspire the tourism sector of other countries as well and not just in Europe. Sustainable tourism development is an important issue tourism companies and big corporations must integrate, so that the harmonious relationships between and them and the local community they belong to will be strengthened.

UNWTO secretary general, Taleb Rifai said, "With more than 1.2 billion international tourists crossing international borders in one single year and the prospects of continuous growth, it is crucial that we manage growth in an ethical and responsible manner. The tourism sector needs to build equitable partnerships and adopt effective national policies and sustainable business strategies in all areas of development."

Several contracts and partnerships will also be fostered in the event as well. A signing ceremony will take place about the Private Sector Commitment to the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism by a group of prominent companies and trade associations with sound CSR policies and strategies.

The process of giving back to the local communities and practicing socio-economic policies in the tourism sector will be a great change to both sides. Members of the Congress hopes global sustainability will be a stronghold for the tourism sector in the whole world in the near future.

Witold Banka, Minister of Sport and Tourism, said, "I have gladly accepted the decision of the World Tourism Organization to choose Poland as a host for the third edition of the International Congress on Ethics and Tourism. Poland is actively channeling efforts to implement ethical standards among the tourism organizations in their everyday business. I am confident, that the great atmosphere of Krakow, one of the most beautiful sites in Europe will foster thoughtful discussions and yield positive results of the Congress."