Frequent travelers can find credit cards with airline tie-ups advantageous than a merchant or consumption-related credit cards. While these "miles-collecting" credit cards have more expensive membership fees, they deliver when it comes to hotel stays, extra amenities expenses, and even cash-back guarantees. Capital One's "Venture" immediately gives new card holders a 40,000 miles bonus worth $400 upon a minimum $3000 purchase in three months while Discover it's "Miles" gives you 1.5 miles for every dollar you spend without limits.

For excellent credit travelers-- meaning those without debt or deal with debt effectively -- can maximize Capital One's "Venture" rewards card. According to AOL, the card gives you 2 miles per dollar spent and without limits. The $59 annual fee -- which is free during the first year -- is a game-changer when compared to Chase's "Sapphire" with a $95 annual fee and even more when one considers you can redeem all your rewards in any airline and hotel without blackout rates during holidays or peak seasons.

Discover it's "Miles" may only give you 1.5 miles per dollar but compared to "Venture's" APR of 13.24%, "Miles" introductory APR is 0%. According to credit card comparison by Money Crashers, for succeeding years of use, "Miles'" APR reaches only towards 11.24% for travelers with excellent credit. Another plus is no foreign transaction fee or annual fee. In addition, for frequent flyers, the first year total miles are automatically doubled, allowing you to rack up points earning travelers free flights the following year -- if they need it.

The two cards are notably nifty especially for frequent-but-thrifty travelers that need more cost cutting in their budgets but other cards -- such as the special Citi Expedia+ Travel Card -- can work for those who need to cut costs further. Travelers' miles or points can be exchanged for airline tickets, hotel vouchers, and vacation packages by booking through Expedia. The Citi Expedia+ gives travelers a sign-up bonus of 15,000 Expedia+ rewards bonus points -- perfect for Expedia-only users.