Vienna and Greece are two of the best tourist destination in the world. If one is planning to go to vacation to these two places, there are a lot of things he can do.

For art connoisseurs, a visit to Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is not that bad. Kunsthistorisches Museum holds a vast art collection that the Habsburg family has collected throughout the years. It will give art lovers a look at the 16th and 17th century world.

People who are going to Vienna on vacation can visit Stadtkind and Café Central. Telegraph reported that Stadtkind is the latest addition to the trendy spits of Vienna, while, Café Central seemed to be going string despite its first opening 130 years ago.

The site reported that Café Central offers a wide variety of menu including snacks and a wide variety of gateaux, rich cake. This famous café also offers a live piano music during the afternoons.

This report can be considered a good news for Australians.Travelers Today reported that in April 10, 2017, Australian Airlines will link Vienna to Los Angeles, California. From April 10 to June 12, Australian Airlines will link Vienna in their Los Angeles flight five times a week. This will be more frequent from June 13 onwards.

According to Andreas Otto, Chief Commercial Officer of Austria, they will fly to the West Coast with their current staff. He explained this will be good during summer where people can visit Vienna using the Los Angeles- Vienna route.

Well, that is enough of Vienna because there are other great spots people can visit like Greece. The country is known for its historical sites and wonderful beaches.

According to Lonely Planet, one can visit Athens and emerge on its cafes and museums. The site reported that the National Archeological Museum, Byzantine and Christian Museum and Benaki Museum are usually uncrowded.

After that, visitors can go island hoping and emerge on natures' beauty. Whether, one decides to go to Vienna or Greece it is important to have fun and spend time with once friends or family.