Anis Amril, The Tunisian suspect for the Berlin Christmas Market Attack, was shot dead yesterday early morning after failing to present his identity documents in a routine police check conducted as a normal procedure in the Sesto San Giovanni in Milan. The routine check turned into a shoot-out encounter when the Tunisian national pulled out a .22-caliber gun and fired at the police.

It will be recalled that a nationwide search was done to capture Anis Amril. What happened in the Sesto Giovanni was a concurrence as the police were just doing their usual strict operations on the territory. An individual was walking around the area and was stopped by the police for ID check.

The said man was ordered by the two officers on patrol, Cristian Movio and Luca Scatà, to remove the contents of his pockets and bag. The man took out a pistol and shot Movio on the shoulder. Scata backfired and shot the criminal. They were not aware that this man was actually the Tunisian suspect at large.

According to a reported news of Aljazeera, Senator Marco Minniti of the Italian Interior has confirmed that it the individual who was shot was indeed Anis Amril. In addition, forensics specialists assembled at the shoot-out area to verify evidences.

After a week of and outpour of distress, questions now have emerges as to the supremacy of the immigration laws and border security. Citizens are residents wonder who the fugitive seemed to have crossed from one country to another. Authorities are now moving in quest of possible criminal networks of Anis Amril.

No one will forget December 19, 2016, the ill-fated day when a terrorist violence struck at a Christmas market near to the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It has been a gruelling week of seeking for truth and with the recent turn of events, it gives the public a slight assurance of order.