Berlin reeled from the impact of last night's tragic attack, in which a truck - allegedly driven by a terrorist, though reports remain unconfirmed - drove into a Christmas market, killing 12 and injuring 48 others, some critically. The incident took place around 8pm in the evening, a peak time for the market as tourists and locals. The attack is first major incident in the city since the 1986 bombing of the La Belle nightclub by Libyan agents, killing three.

Although police now say the Pakistani asylum seeker they arrested last night close to the scene might not be the driver of the truck after all, the incident is still being treated as deliberate says The Telegraph. If it does prove to be terrorism related, it will be the latest in a string of such incidents across Germany this year, which include an axe attack on a train, an attempted suicide bomb outside a festival, and a shooting in a mall.

The Telegraph reports that, Polizei Berlin Einsatz initially warned people to stay at home and urged social media users not to spread rumours or photos of the scene, but is now advising residents and holidaymakers alike in the city to contact their families. It said more police had been deployed onto the streets today "as a precaution".

Several vigils are planned for various locations, including one at the memorial church at 6pm tonight (Berlin time) and some informal ones at Christmas markets and other locations - though local police have recommended extra vigilance given the perpetrator could well be on the loose.