Who says traveling the world has to be expensive? A traveler knows that once they budget their spending and watch out for the best deals available, unwinding in a different place is not out of reach. Despite the low budget, there are countries that are budget-friendly and would love to accommodate these kinds of travelers.

According to Indie Traveller, there are countries that offer a taste of their culture and daily living on a low budget. Even though these countries offer cheap finds, that doesn't mean they are giving you less. Here's a travel tip naming some of the cheap places a traveler would love to visit.

1. Vietnam- With its great culture and delicious food, every traveler will find experience a different way of living in Vietnam. Vietnam offers cheap accommodation; depending on the type of accommodation you want. The food and transportation is also affordable. The country is famous for its Bia Hoi brewed beer and Pho noodle dishes.

2. Cambodia- Best known for its famous tourist destination Angkor Wat, Cambodia also offer cheap and affordable travel for travelers. Aside from the Angkor Wat, getting to know more about the country will be a great experience. As a country, usually overlooked by most travelers, there are many things to like in Cambodia. It may not have the best and luxurious accommodation, but it is not bad for a low-budget traveler.

3. Bolivia- Best for adventurous travelers, Bolivia is cheap and affordable. It may not be the best in providing comfort for tourists, but those who love adventurous experiences will surely appreciate the wonders of Bolivia.

4. Hungary- If you want to go to a European country and low on budget, Hungary is the place for you. It is quite cheaper than most European countries. Enjoy the food and drinks that the country offers. Wonderful sites such as mountains and lakes will also be enjoyed in the country.

5. Morocco- Just near Spain, Morocco is a North African nation that offers affordable food and accommodation. Enjoy a great and breath taking view of the sun for as low as $50 per day. It may not be as cheap as all other countries there is, but if you're looking for a different experience, Morocco is one of the countries you could choose to travel to.