Christmas season is one of the airline industry's busiest times of the year. Travelers all over the world mostly go home to their respective hometowns during the holidays, with their baggage mostly full of presents and other Christmas treats.

As such, security and protocol in every airlines and airports are stricter than ever during this season, to ensure maximum safety and convenience for all of their passengers. In relation to this, some kinds of gifts and carry-on baggage are not allowed during flights, whether checked in or hand-carried.

Knowing what objects you cannot bring on your flights will greatly ease your boarding process at the airport. Make sure that you double-check everything you pack and bring so that you wouldn't get held up by the Customs officials or the TSA staff.

Combustible objects and several types of liquids are usually the common items forbidden to bring as luggage such as Aerosol, Chlorine, Gasoline and Lighter Fluids. However, there are some exceptions to which TSA can allow you to bring some objects similar to those, like chemicals you need medically during the flights. But to be sure, make sure you contact the airlines ahead of time and inform them of your situation so that things would be easier for during the boarding process.

Likewise, there are certain types of food items that you can't surprisingly bring as hand-carried luggage and must be checked in before your flight. Examples of these are Cranberry sauce, jams and other kinds of syrups. These are considered liquids, and most flights only allow 100 ml or lower of these products to be hand-carried. Stow them in your checked in baggage just in case.

Another example is sports equipment, although this is already common knowledge. Make sure to wrap up your golf clubs and dart equipment pretty good before you check them in at the airport.

Meanwhile, examples of Christmas items you cannot bring in your flight even on check-in baggage include party poppers, sweet chestnuts, citrus or vine plants, and Christmas trees or wreaths. For more information about them, contact your local customs office.

These are some Christmas-related products you must be aware of bringing on your flight. For a more comprehensive list, click here.