Singapore or the so-called "The Merelion City" is definitely one of the best places to go in Asia. It has become famous because of its spectacular architecture and fast changing cosmopolitan state. This is a tiny island city wherein you can find amazing tourists' destinations, shopping boutiques and of course you can have the chance to see the iconic Singapore skyline.

Here are the must-visit attractions to roam around the Merelion City according to Singapore Guide.

1. The Marina Bay Sands - It is a $5.5 billion amazing architecture where you can find a unique-styled Marina bay hotel. It is one of the best transformations that have ever happened in Singapore. Some of the amazing things to enjoy in this place are the Science Museum, Casino, and various nightlife destinations. You can also have the chance to enjoy its night light shows at around 20:00 in the Marina Bay Sands Complex.

2. Clarke Quay - If you are looking for bustling bars and restaurants along with scenic lights, then Clark Quay is a way to go. This is a delightful sight near the riverside in Singapore. This is also another haven for shoppers since there are also lots of boutiques situated near the place.

3. Universal Studios Singapore - A Singapore tour will never be complete without visiting this happy place. This is one of the best amusement attractions to visit in the world where you can enjoy different kinds of rides and attractions for only 20SGD. Families and especially children will surely enjoy their stay in this place.

4. Gardens by the Bay - This is a huge and colourful place and definitely one of the Singapore attractions that will surely take your breath away. It has been known as the World Building of the Year because of its famous super tree and skywalk into the garden. This is a great destination for fun of both kids and adult.

5. Chinatown - If you wish to shop a lot while spending a little, then Chinatown will take care of you. This is another icon in Singapore which is great for souvenir items. You can also have the chance to taste a variety of foods most especially the Chinese cuisine.