If you have plans of traveling with family or friends, 2017 is an excellent time as more travel technology tools are being enhanced. Items on your checklist will surely be on reserving a hotel, last minute good deals, or car rental. Here's where the prominent travel site Expedia comes in. Along with booking a hotel, there might be other travel concerns which you need to be dealt with. With the new enhancement from Expedia, you may discuss your worries with a virtual agent.

It will be recalled that in the middle of this year, Expedia released its bot on the Facebook Messenger allowing people to make their travel bookings via chat. Just recently, Expedia has developed a chat bot which allows users to communicate their travel concerns via the reliable video conference platform Skype. Just type Expedia in the search space and connect as usual.

Queries on flight confirmation, flight cancellation, itineraries, hotel reservations could be answered by the bot. If the queries could not be accommodated, then the communication will be transferred to an Expedia customer representative. Moreover, customers have the option to call Expedia via Skype free of charge.

Expedia celebrated its 20th founding this year and the company has brought in expedient developments into the travel trade and industry. In a live interview by GeekWire conducted during the company's anniversary, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi was asked on what's the coolest thing that he's excited about in terms of implementing the technologies that could be coming in the next few years. He answered, "To me that kind of unstructured search is really cool, to make a search and for the computer to know instantly versus making me look for everything."

True enough, Expedia is committing to this kind maneuver with the latest innovations it has launched. Next in line for Expedia is the collaboration with Microsoft utilizing the Virtual Assistant Cortana in travel arrangements.