Apple users have been going crazy about getting their hands on a pair of the wireless AirPods. Just a week after its launch, supplies have already sold out but some have put them on sale on e-Bay for twice the price and even more expensive.

According to The Sun, the Apple AirPods also went on sale on some stores but it only took a few minutes for the wireless airbuds to run out of stock. Those who are willing to wait up until next year may still process their pre-orders through Apple's website. Those who were able to buy a pair when the AirPods were still available and in stock decided to make money out of it, by putting them on sale on e-Bay but with a catch.

Some of the wireless earbuds are priced at $300, with some being a lot more expensive at $620. The prices are too high compared to the AirPods' original price of $159, but these people are aware that there are some who wouldn't mind the price just to get a pair.

The Apple AirPods were only shipped on limited quantities since they have just been launched. In line with this, the giant company encourages its customers to always check online for the availability and delivery date of the wireless earbuds, Daily Mail reports.

It has been recently reported that it will cost a customer $69 to repair or replace an AirPod and because of this, Apple users are worried about losing the wireless earbuds. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared that he has tried the wireless earbuds himself and non fell off his ears even when he did physical activities like treadmills.

Introduced by Apple along with the iPhone 7 on September this year, the AirPods are said to last up to five hours, comes with a charging case that can charge the wireless airbuds up to five times, and a one year warranty.