Apple has a great news to their customers who ordered for the new Airpods. The wireless earbuds are ready to be shipped and customers will be expecting to receive them on December 21, 2016 based on email confirmations.

According to Apple Insider, customers who have placed their orders within the first two hours when preorder for the AirPods on December 13 started have already received confirmation on their email on Saturday morning. The report also states that due to the high demand, the supply for the wireless earbuds quickly depleted which caused for the shipping timeframes to push up until four weeks. Currently, the estimated delivery date for customers who will place the order will be on February 2017.

Rumors are also spreading that the AirPods will be available to Apple retails stores, mobile carrier outlets and authorized Apple resellers by Monday. And though availability on specific stores is not yet announced, customers should expect that supply will only be limited.

Designed with Apple's W1 chip, the Apple AirPods are so efficient that they can detect when they are being worn by a person. The wireless airbuds are also expected to have up to five hours of battery life, and it comes with a charging case that can charge the AirPods up to five times, as reported by The Economic Times. The AirPods are priced at $159.

Meanwhile, Apple has already given information that repairing or replacing an AirPod will cost a customer $69, as well as the charging case it comes with and other out of warranty issues. And since batteries are necessary to make the wireless earbuds work, the giant company has announced that battery services will cost around $49. The Apple AirPods comes with a one year warranty service and Apple has cleared that as long as the issue on the wireless earbuds are covered by warranty, customer should not be charged for anything.