iOS users who have been waiting for the Apple AirPods would have to continue playing the waiting game after the company revealed that the Apple AirPods will not be available this month. This is in contrast to their promise of a 'late October' release timeframe for the new wireless earbuds.

An Apple spokesperson revealed to Tech Crunch, Apple said that the company needs a little more time.

"The early response to AirPods has been incredible. We don't believe in shipping a product before its ready, and we need a little more time before AirPods are ready for our customers," the spokesperson told Tech Crunch.

The release of the wireless Apple AirPods was announced back in September, at the iPhone 7 event. The wireless earbuds were previewed at the event, costing $159 and was announced to be released in 'late October.'

According to 9To5Mac, the Airpods are really meant for the wireless earphone feature of the iPhone 7 which does not have an earphone jack and is different from the traditional Bluetooth earphones since it features a dedicated W1 chip which makes pairing and switching between devices easier.

The AirPods also has an improved battery life and special sensors that can detect when they're on a person's ears. Apple has revealed that the AirPods, when fully charged, can last up to five hours of playback, and its carrying case can recharge them up to five times, as per Mac World.

The wireless earphones, though not yet released, have received criticisms and reviews aiming at the lack of volume controls and relying on Siri in order to adjust sound volume.

Meanwhile, Apple has not stated yet whether hardware or software updates were the ones affecting the delay of the release of the AirPods.

Apple has yet to announce the new release date for the wireless AirPods.