Korea is a country rich in culture, tradition and most of all food. Koreans showcase most of their foods in the movies and series they make. Most of the food they have is quite different from most western food. They mix vegetables, meat and rice in their cuisines.

According to The Culture Trip and List Verse, there are many Korean food that tourists and foreigners enjoy eating. From its side dish to its famous cuisines, Korea has indeed influenced many people all over the world with its food. Here are the top 5 popular Korean dishes every traveler must try.
 1. Kimchi- Being Korea's national food, Kimchi is very famous and probably every Korean's favorite dish. It is usually prepared as a side dish in almost every meal. Kimchi is a fermented cabbage mixed with different ingredients including hot sauce. It is definitely a must try once you visit Korea.

2. Bibimbap- Also considered as one of Korea's famous dish, Bibimbap is indeed delicious. Bibimbap is a mixture of rice, chili paste, egg and different kinds of vegetables. Some recipes of Bibimbap contains meat while others don't, you get to choose.

3. Bulgogi- Considered as one of the most famous Korean dishes, most foreigners order Bulgogi in Korean restaurants. Bulgogi is Korean beef sliced in thin pieces and usually flavored with garlic and onions. Last 2011, Bulgogi was considered as the 23rd most delicious food in the world by CNN Traveler's poll. It is best paired with lettuce, rice and a special Korean sauce.

4. Japchae- One of Korea's most famous side dishes, Japchae is popular even outside Korea. Japchae is a noodle side dish where its noodles are made out of sweet potato starch. Vegetables and meat are then added to it.

5. Ddukbokkie- Mostly sold by street vendors, Ddukbokkie is quite popular among Koreans. It is best enjoyed at night from street vendors. Ddukbokkie are cylindrically shaped rice cakes that is a combination of sweet and spicy. There are many different recipes of Ddukbokkie, some usually mix vegetables along with it.