As with every fighting game, "Street Fighter V" can be frustratingly hard, especially when pitted against significantly better players. Rage quitting had always been a thing in this genre, but the upcoming update will put emphasis on reducing these occurrences by shaming the rage quitters.

Polygon's recent report highlights some updates for "Street Fighter V" and its upcoming PC version were spotted by a member of NeoGAF. Luckily, fans were able to get a hold of the images before it was removed.

There had been a number changes for "Street Fighter V" with regards to the multiplayer and online features. But, one of the most eye-catching parts is where the players get highlighted when they disconnect from matches too frequently. This was indicated in one update that can be seen in a captured image from NeoGAF.

Penalties will now be incurred on those who will disconnect from a match, which applies to LP reduction and temporary matchmaking restrictions and there will be no exception for this case. As for the players suspected of rage-quitting, their profiles will be tagged via special icons to easily identify them from the others.

This has been an issue ever since "Street Fighter V" launched earlier this year, as rage-quitters never get any form of penalty when leaving matches abruptly. There had been some remedies around April and August, but those were only limited to blocking rage-quitters from multiplayer for a couple of hours.

There's no final date as to when the update will officially arrive or be announced. But given the credibility of the sources that were fetched by the NeoGAF poster, the update will eventually be rolled out somewhere later this month or earlier in 2017.

Unreleased updates for "Street Fighter V" can be seen on this forum. As with other communities, this should still be taken with a grain of salt. The shaming might be there, but it could be better or worse.