British Airways finds itself facing about seven percent of its employed cabin crews planning a strike against the said airline company. Despite the upcoming Christmas season, these cabin crews want to fight for their rights with regards to their wages and pay. The strike will be led by the union named Unite. Unite union is based on Heathrow and have over 4,500 cabin crew members and over 1,200 of tem voted for a strike against British Airways.

According to reports from The Guardian and BBC News, British Airways seek for help from the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) regarding the matter. Unite aims to bring justice for employees who were denied of the two percent pay increase and for those who’s salaries differ from what was announced to the reality. The strike is said to happen even through Christmas and Boxing days.

With over 16,000 cabin crew employees, British Airways said it was sad to know that some of these employees may disrupt passengers' flights due to the strike. According to British Airways, “We are appalled that Unite proposes to disrupt customers' travel plans on such special days when so many families are tying to gather together or set off on well-deserved holidays.” British Airways deemed this action by the Unite union as “calculated” and “completely unnecessary”.

The airline also said, “This calculated and heartless action is completely unnecessary and we are determined that it will fail.” However, British Airways and the Unite union both agreed to a formal talk initiated by the ACAS regarding the matter. As said by ACAS' spokesman, “We can confirm that BA and Unite have accepted our invitation to attend conciliation talks in respect of the cabin crew dispute tomorrow morning.” Len McCluskey, Unite's general secretary also expressed, “I am delighted that British Airways has heeded our calls for talks. It is only by getting round the table that we can find a solution to my member’s concerns.” The said talk is expected to have happened earlier this morning and solutions regarding the matter for strike should hopefully be solved.