One of the Chinese smartphone giants, Huawei, revealed its latest upcoming handset called the Honor Magic. Some dub it as a first look at what the iPhone 8 will be, but it could be something else and more.

In a recent post from GSM Arena, the Honor Magic from Huawei has been officially unveiled and is scheduled to be released this coming Christmas. On paper, the Huawei Honor Magic is a powerhouse of an Android smartphone with its more than average key specs.

It has a very capable dual-rear camera that can snap images at 12 megapixels. A front camera, which can also capture 8-megapixel resolution image. The smartphone is also buffed with a more than average 4 GB of RAM and a 64 GB internal storage that is enough even for most power users.

Yet, there are still some specs and features that didn't get included in this modern smartphone. One feature is the 4k video playback and capture capability. The Kirin 950 chipset isn't strong enough to dish out some processing muscle for extra high-resolution videos.

However, the phone is powered by a 2,900 mAh battery that fully charges in less than an hour and can last a day or more under normal usage. It is also priced at around $530, which is way less than the price of other well-known brands under its tier.

With regards to its design, some refers to Huawei's Honor Magic as a "preview" of the iPhone 8, which is starting to become discussed among fans of the brand. As reported by Techradar, the Honor Magic is resembling what the iPhone 8 seems to be aiming for in terms of design, especially the huge emphasis to the curves.

Besides the edges, Huawei's software looks strikingly similar to iOS 10.2 interface. This and the fact that the Honor Magic has the same name from Apple's favorite work "magical," as stated in the report. This, however, could still be taken with a grain of salt as Apple never released any image of a work in progress for the iPhone 8 yet.