If Pete Carroll purposely wanted to embarrass the Rams on Thursday, he certainly accomplished that. However, he also got his punter injured in the process. During the fourth quarter of Seattle's 24-3 win over Los Angeles, Carroll decided to call for a fake punt even though his team was 21 points ahead and there was just five minutes and 30 seconds left in the game.

Most NFL coaches would not punted in that situation, but Carroll called for a fake on fourth-and-2 from his own 26-yard line. What's good is that the fake worked for Seattle. Unfortunately, Seahawks punter Jon Ryan almost got killed on the play.

According to CBS Sports, the fake started off perfectly. The Rams were unaware of the plan and by the time anyone realized the fake was on, Ryan had a gigantic hole in front of him. His unbelievable punter speed helped him gain 33 yards on the play, but he is not used to running the ball, which led to the weirdest fumble of all-time. Ryan just flat-out lost control of the football about 25-yeards into the run.

After losing control of the ball, Ryan stopped paying attention to the defenders around him and tried to concentrate on getting the ball back. Although he managed to get the ball back, he paid dearly when Ram's defensive back Troy Hill knocked him down. That was probably the hardest hit Ryan has ever taken in the league. After the hit, the crowd got silent because Ryan didn't move a muscle.

Fortunately, Fox Sports said that Ryan was able to leave the field with the help of a few trainers. The Seahawks punter was then brought to the locker room where he was evaluated for a concussion. Meanwhile, the Seahawks did not really need Ryan's fake punt to get the win over the Rams. Thanks to the Russell Wilson's three touchdown passes, Seattle successfully clinched the NFC West at CenturyLink Field.