The wait has been unbearably long and everyone is excited to learn on what's going to happen in the fourth season of BBC's crime drama TV series "Sherlock". It has been almost a year since the followers of the show were last treated with the deduction prowess of Sherlock in the series' special episode "The Abominable Bride" and it sure left everyone with questions as it ended with a cliffhanger.

"Did you miss me?" The question asked by Sherlock's "dead" nemesis Moriarty, made the fans including Sherlock question as to whether Moriarty is still alive and kicking. However, in the promo video for the upcoming fourth season, the person Sherlock should look after might not be Moriarty but of a different nemesis now.

A new year is fast approaching and BBC has released tidbits of details for the upcoming season. According to an article by NE, the first episode will air on the January 1, the first Sunday of the year and the following two episodes on the next consecutive Sundays. As usual, it will only consist of three episodes but expect that it is going to be a darker, more intense, mind-boggling season.

Episode one is titled "The Six Thatchers" and according to speculations by Digital Spy, it might be loosely based on "The Adventures of the Six Napoleons". The second episode, on the other hand, is titled "The Lying Detective" and might be based on "The Adventure of the Dying Detective" and lastly, episode three is titled "The Final Problem."

BBC has now released two trailers for the fourth season and it sure is going to make the new year extra special. In one of the scenes, Sherlock is seen sporting a rugged look, which concludes the speculations that it is indeed going to be a dark one. Other speculations also mentioned that it could be Sherlock pretending to be sick as he will be facing a new nemesis that is keen on using illnesses as his way of killing Sherlock.

Curious as to who it will be? It is no other than Toby Jones who will play the character of Culverton Smith. He is also shown in the teaser asking Sherlock what his darkest secret is. He will definitely make the life of Sherlock more difficult. Stay tuned for more updates.