A beautiful country in the south eastern part of Europe, Albania is a place of good blends. Here, there are sights to behold and activities to be experienced. What else is there to know about Albania? Read through and discover here.

First aspect that you will discover in this Balkan place is that two different ideologies exist in this nation and the people can live in harmony while celebrating both. With an estimated population of 3.2 million, the major religions among its people are Islam and Christianity.

Although a late bloomer in the travel and tourism, Albania is abundant with abundant with destinations that can give a good experience to tourists. The second aspect that will fascinate you is its sceneries. For an instance, the Accursed Mountains could be a refreshing trek for backpackers. Another one to try is the sandy beach of Drymades which is known for its relaxation benefits. The next scenery to marvel at is the Rozafa Fortress which has a mysterious legend to how it was built. One unique place to go to is the Bunk'Art which originally was a bunker that was converted into an under the ground museum.

The next wonderful aspect of Albania is its people and their hospitality. The Albanians have this philosophy called philosophy called "besa" which they observe. It is the Albanian way of showing their concern over the welfare of others. This was evident in history when Albanians took in refugees from Kosovo.

Another reason to travel up to Albania is its rich blended cuisine of Greek, Italian and Turkish which they call Kuzhina Shqiptare. Some dishes to delight in are Tavë Kosi (lamb dish), Veal (chicken with walnuts), Paçe (stew that makes use of the head of pig, cattle or sheep) and Dollma (vegetable dish).

Albania might have been in isolation for a long time and has bloomed quite late. It is not yet too late to discover what it has to offer to tourists.