Information is Beautiful, a website created by a London-based author and writer, David McCandless, has released its 2016 map that shows what nations are best at. The website aims to provide necessary world's data, information, and knowledge.

The information provided by the said map is based on statistics gathered from across the internet, Daily Mail reports. The sources of the map include the World Bank and Guinness Records.

The 2016 global revelation may be mind blowing to some people. Many of them will think that Silicone Valley and the tech hubs of Asia have the fastest Wi-Fi. However, the map revealed that it is Lithuania based on the data from Rotten Wifi.

If you think Japan tops for pornography, the map said Pakistan consumed more gay pornography than any countries. South Africa gets the number one sport for death and it has no competitors, while the United States rules the category of spam emailing.

Japan is said to be the best place for foodie as the map said this country is the number one haute cuisine destination and it has more three-Michelin-star restaurants than anywhere else in the world. Meanwhile, France is the best place for whiskey drinkers.

Turkey tops the Twitter censorship list, while Russia has no equal for dashcam. Meanwhile in Australia, it is advisable to change password often as the country has more data breaches that have been reported.

When it comes to whiskey, France is the best. There are tons of coffee drinkers in Netherlands, that's why it tops the list for numbers of coffee drinkers, while Norway has tons of pizza eaters.

Singapore has been reported have more healthiest people in the world, while Egypt tops the category of having more heavy women.

For those who want to view Information is Beautiful's map, click this link.