Victoria's Secret has made a public apology regarding an incident in Quintard Mall, Oxford where a store manager forced two black women to leave. The company says that the manager is no longer affiliated with them. Kimberly Houzah posted an 11-minute video on Facebook, being emotional after being kicked out of a Victoria's Secret store by a manager.

According to Cosmopolitan, another woman was also asked to leave the store. Houzah said that they were asked to leave after a third black woman was caught shoplifting. The manager, which Houzah named Faith, reportedly caught a black woman stealing from the store. She then also asked Houzah and another black woman to leave the store and when they asked why they were asked to do so, the manager did not give them any reason and explanation.

CNN reports that Houzah also explained she and the other two black women did not go to the store together, and did not even to each other. She explained in the video that all the three of them just happened to be in the store that time, when the incident happened and yet, Faith already accused her and the other black woman to be connected to the shoplifter.

While in tears, Houzah said that she does not believe than everyone is racist and believes in people's acceptance, and that she did not expect such incident to happen to her. Houzah also said that she feels bad because they were already accused and asked to leave the store without any evidence. She also said that she will understand and appreciate it if they were asked to have their bags checked first before kicking them out of the store.

After the incident, Victoria's Secret posted an apology statement on Facebook. VS have stated that Faith is no longer working for them and apologized for the incident. Victoria's Secret also said that the incident should not reflect the whole company, and what the company stands for. Victoria's Secret has not explained whether the store manager resigned from the company or got fired because of the incident.