People of Asheville in North Carolina should prepare more booze as their beloved town snagged the top spot being America's No. 1 Destination For 2017. The "America's Beer City" has been chosen because of its vibrant artistic community, spectacular architecture, and booming reputation when it comes to food and a set against a mountain backdrop.

According to DailyMail, Asheville was in tight competition for the number one spot against Western Washington. The birthplace of the youngest Pulitzer prize winner, Audrey Wurdemann, is a photographer's dream according to The Culture Trip.

Western Washington does not only hold brimming picturesque sceneries but also the best farm-to-table dining restaurants. Not to mention, the lovely cities brings us back to the exciting American television series "Twin Peaks."

The travel experts of Lonely Planet nonetheless had chosen the beer lover's paradise. The charming enclave of Asheville captures the creative spirit shaping the entirety of North Carolina. According to Lonely Planet magazine managing editor, Rebecca Warren "this year's list is incredibly diverse, spanning from coast to coast, giving a panoramic tour of America."

The other magnificent contenders on the top ten are Lincoln, Nebraska for the courthouse and jail rock formations, California's panoramic Low Desert. Montana's Flathead Valley, Atlanta, Georgia's Tallulah Gorge, and the Adirondack Mountains. Texas Hill Country wine region, Denver, Colorado, and Florida's Emerald Coast made it to the top ten.

These captivating, picture-perfect places are tourist magnets and predicted to gain more visitors from abroad by 2017. Each state has a slice of spectacular natural and historical beauty that made them all golden treasures of the United States Of America. So thanks to its caring community for maintaining its stunning landscapes and mountains.

This is no surprise, Real Estate Scorecard reported that Asheville earned the name "land in the sky" and won the ultimate beauty contest in 2011 due to its water-colored mountain terrain. Now that we know the A-lister cities in the United States Of America, time to plan the itineraries.