The popular multiplayer online first-person shooter game "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" was based on the modification game of the sci-fi first-person shooter game "Half Life" by Valve video game company, "Counter Strike", which then progressed into its own video game series. Many people consider it as one of the classic first-person shooter games that can never be beaten by the games of the new generation.

Recently, a modder, or a person who creates game modifications for video games, who goes by the name "ZooL" created a game modification that will let CS:GO players relive their classic Counter Strike moments by making certain parts of the game look exactly like the classic original Counter Strike, which was particularly the 1.6 version of Counter Strike, as stated in the pcgamer. The modder launched a YouTube video of him play testing the said mod. ZooL called the modification game "Counter Strike: Classic Offensive".

According to Kotaku, ZooL stated in the description of the test video of Counter Strike: Classic Offensive which he recently launched, that "The goal of my mod is to bring back the 1.6 feeling of Counter-Strike, that means: weapons, sounds, stats, physics, etc." He also said that unfortunately, the mod has its limitations and there are also requirements to be made before the players can activate it, stating that "some stuff such buying ammo or even choosing your player model won't be possible without plugins but I plan to make the mod without them, even if they're really useful... servers could still use them though."

ZooL also stated that it is quite impossible to recreate every feature of the classic Counter Strike 1.6 version. The main reason would be because the more recent Counter Strike: Global Offensive runs in a more advanced engine compared to its retro predecessor. Players will be able to download the new game mod on the 25th of December.