Christmas day is just around the corner and for sure, many kids are excited about the gifts they will receive from Santa. Every year, both kids and adults expect to accept gifts from friends, families and of course from Santa. It is said that Santa is riding his sleigh to deliver the gifts around the globe. But wouldn't it be fun if you can see where Santa is and if he is already near your home?

Many kids believe that Santa is currently making his last-minute preparations for the gifts he will be delivering. While waiting, kids can use the Google Santa Tracker. This app has been used by children for 12 years to track Santa's route but this year, it has new features that makes it more exciting.

According to Travel and Leisure, the Santa Tracker will become a digital advent calendar wherein new surprises will be revealed every day until Christmas Day. There will be different games that will teach the children about the world as well as about various cultures. It is like waiting for the grand gift while learning along the way.

This would include learning about how people from different parts of the world celebrate the holiday and how they would say "Merry Christmas" in various languages. There will also be a hunt for Santa's misplaced gifts for a game called Present Quest and many other fun activities. Kids can even learn basic programming and coding while using the Santa Tracker.

When the big day for gift giving arrives, one can ask "Where is Santa" using Google Home or a Pixel device. The tracker goes live on Dec. 24 where everyone can see where Santa is heading.

So, had you been naughty or nice? If you've been nice, Santa might be on his way to your home on Christmas Day and you can see that through the Google Santa Tracker.