As the year comes to a close, Amazon livens it up by giving its supporters an exciting shopping experience for the next days. With the holiday dash around, buyers can expect less hassle in their shopping spree. No lines and no checkouts await shoppers in Amazon with the Amazon Go.

Pioneering company Amazon has invented an expedient method of buying and just simply going. Shoppers need to secure an Amazon account and have to download the Amazon Go app prior to entering the store.

One store where they can use it is at the Seattle area. Once installed and downloaded, buyers are ready to shop. Simply go through the typical searching and taking products from the rack. Place your items in a cart, and when you're finished, just exit the store. There is no cashier, payment counter, no lines.

How is this actually possible? The Amazon Go app uses the Just Walk Out Technology which enables shoppers to take items from the shelves and put it back should they change their minds. The technology uses computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning.

These different functionalities detect the movements of the consumers and adds the items onto the virtual cart. As the customers leave the store, they can check their smart phones and wait for the virtual receipt. With this intelligence, families and working professionals will surely benefit. Moreover, the Seattle branch where they can use the Amazon Go boasts of ample space to move easily. The physical venue and online platform provide convenience to everyone, busy or not.

Some things about the process are not well-defined yet, but, Brent Franson, CEO of Euclid Analytics says that the app basically will link the products to people.

This amazing creation was conceptualized about four years ago and currently this new experience is only accessible to Amazon employees. News says that it will be open to the public early next year.