Portugal is the hotbed for people who are looking for best destination spas in the world. It is also home to Epic Sana Algarve, one of the best spas in the world - if not the best.

According to Luxury Spa Awards, Epic Sana Algarve is named as the global winner of the World Luxury Spa Awards for 2016. Seeing all the perks and benefits of the Sayanna Wellness, EPIC SANA Algarve, it is not a surprise why it is on top of the best spas in the world 2016.

Epic Sana is a 226-room luxury spa hotel that is half-hour ride from Faro Airport in Portugal. Aside from its five swimming pools, it has a direct access to one of the loveliest beach front on the Algarve coast. It has spacious and posh rooms with terraces and may of these with sea views.

The place is represented by high-end facilities and ultra-modern interiors. It boasts 160 deluxe rooms, 43 spacious apartments, and 24 charming garden suites. With all its luxe and chic decors and top-class amenities, the hotel's crown jewel is its spa features.

The main focal point of the Sayana Wellness is the indoor pool. It also features a yoga studio and a gym. Alongside with these are the wonderfully-scented treatment rooms with panpipe and ambient music as background. Guests can get a full royal treatment with its crowd-favorite gold or diamond facial treatment that is personalized to match different skin types.

This costs €110 for one person and €180 for two persons. It includes facial assessment, facial massage with Chinese pindas and also the facial treatment. Other spa facilities in Sayana Wellness includes sauna, indoor swimming pool and also Turkish bath. You can book this spa treatment package here.

With all its al fresco and buffet dining options, family-friendly facilities and world-class spa offerings, Epic Sana Algarve Hotel stands out as one of the best destinations in the world. If you are looking for a luxurious wellness spa experience, this hotel is for you!