The most sought-after gourmet burger is a Toucan Burger from one of Portugal´s favorite restaurants, Nah Nah Bah. It has been named one of the 'Best Burger Joints in the World'.

The restaurant's vibrant plates of food and buoyant soundtrack are perfect after a day tour in the Algarve's surf.

When they mention 'vibrant plates of food', it means amalgamation of superb burgers zinging with jalapeño, lime juice and a riot of other bright flavors.

Nah Nah Bah is a tropical place where fresh & healthy meets bold & explosive flavors.

Nah Nah Bah started with humble beginnings way back in 2005 by Selmo Ribeiro with just three scrumptious menu items & four hard drinks. They currently continue to develop flavors so they can make their mark and dominate the culinary world as far as joint burgers are concerned.

While you relish the best-tasting burger in town, you will feel the groove in an upbeat accompaniment of selective soundtrack. The chilled tunes are Selmo's personal choice of funk (Renegades of Jazz), reggae (Black Uhuru) and hip hop (Mace) playlists.

Selmo takes part as the versatile owner as he hovers around as part-chef, part-waiter, part-DJ, part-PR man.

This burger was selected by the Matador Network within the World´s 'top 50 burgers' and one of the 'most amazing burger joints in the world'.

It has also been featured by TimeOut magazine, JetAway magazine and Visão magazine.

Nah Nah Bah has been acclaimed as a top-notch gourmet burger, or maybe a pulled-pork taco, might hit the spot like never before.

According to Matador Network's review, this place is a weary traveler's oasis, "applying gauze to the wound that many travelers crave: tender beef and melted cheese".

Meanwhile, their home-made chips which has been described as hand cut, lightly fried and tossed in garlic aioli and herbs, were also delightfully enjoyed by visitors.

Meanwhile, based on reviews made by Good Times, Nah Nah Bah has become a firm favorite both to locals and tourists in Lagos. Its stress-free island atmosphere, laidback tunes, pleasant staff and amazing food will keep you coming back.

Accordingly, the restaurant chef´s take pride in selecting the top quality local produce, and certainly know what to do with it.

Apart from their famous Toucan burger, they offer hearty salads, juicy pastas, meat dishes and several other burgers. They fuse flavors from several cuisines and have perfected their recipes.