The Christmas season is upon us and everyone everywhere is looking to buy the best presents for their loved ones. Of course, when shopping for specific people, you'd want to buy things that they will definitely use. If you're shopping for travelers, then these five gadgets are guaranteed to be on the top of their wish lists.

Keep in mind that shopping for travelers means shopping for things that are convenient and practical, and that's exactly what these five gadgets are. We're looking at highly versatile gadgets that are durable, easily portable, and are essentially useful.

First on our list is the Seagate Seven Portable Drive. The world's thinnest external hard drive may not seem like much at first glance, especially since it's only 7 mm in size. However, this incredible gadget has a storage capacity of 500 GB, bringing you a tremendous amount of storage space for high quality pictures and videos.

For $100, you can give your travelling gift recipient the convenience of having a place to store all their precious travel memories. This will not only remove the threat of running out of memory card space, but also grant them freedom to move files, thus making their gadgets run faster.

Traveling with multiple gadgets can be exceedingly stressful, especially if they all run out of battery at the same time. However, the AMPL SmartBag has come up with a great solution to the charging issue. This trendy bag is equipped with seven USB charging connectors and an internal battery. Moreover, the bag itself may be charged while all gadgets are charging, meaning you'll only need one outlet.

This $299 hi-tech bag is not only spacious and stylish; it's also highly durable and waterproof. The bag is also compatible with a mobile app that helps you redirect power to set higher priority to specific gadgets. The app is even equipped with alarm systems, should you leave the bag behind.

When it comes to sheer functionality, Travel and Leisure highly recommends the 3-in-1 Buckshot Pro. This handy little device truly has something to boast about as it can triple as a wireless speaker, a portable light source, as well as a power bank.

For only $80, this must-have gadget is an absolute steal. Not only does it eliminate the need to carry around multiple gadgets, but it's so jam-packed with quality features that are sure to come in handy. In addition, all three of the Buckshot Pro's functions may be used at the same time.

If you've been on enough international flights, then you've probably experienced baggage-related frustration at one point or another. Business Insider recommends giving a traveler the Trakdot Luggage Tracker, and he/she will never have to worry about lost luggage ever again.

This handy palm-sized device sends alerts to an iOS or Android phone whenever the marked luggage is within 30 feet of the device. For only $49.39, this luggage tracker will not only send alerts, but will also send the user with the luggage's present location.

Travelling in groups are always fun, but can also come with the hassle of communication errors and misunderstandings. However, the goTenna has provided hikers, sailors, and international travelers with an interesting solution: an independent cell service network.

For $150 a pair, these little devices allow users to use cell services to communicate with others who have the same devices. Even without roaming, cellular network connections, or WiFi, travel party members may stay in touch through goTenna-powered text messages and phone calls.