Today's best travel gadgets, which are getting more and more high tech, are definitely making trips more fun. Here are some of the best ones in the market today that will surely make documenting trips a breeze--whether you're a first-time traveller wanting to invest on a good brand or a frequent flyer wanting to get an upgrade 

1.       Mophie Powerstation Plus Charger

Mophie Powerstation Plus Charger provides added battery power for your gadgets. It is a universal pocket charger for tablets, cellphones, and cameras. It offers a mini, original, XL, and XXL version ranging from 3,00mAh to 20,000 mAh power and with varied number of USB portals.

2.        Nikon D5500

For those who want to professionally capture their experience through the lens of a DSLR without the bulkiness, Nikon D5500 is the right travel gadget for you. It is more compact than the other versions but takes quality photos and can also be perfect for selfies.

This cool travel gadget also has built-in WiFi connectivity that allows you to share the photos in social media or store it in cloud.

3.       Panasonic Lumix TS6

If you love the light water activities like snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and surfing, Panasonic Lumix TS6 is the best underwater gadget for you. This one can go up to 43 feet underwater for up to an hour, providing you a point-and-shoot captures of your aquatic adventures.

This one's also extremely durable and is both crushproof and dust proof, according to Top Ten Reviews.

4.       GoPro Hero 5

This is an essential tech gadget for those who want to document their adventures through a wide lens and capture an impressive, high-qualiry videos and photos. If you're into adventure travel and want the best quality images, GoPro Hero 5 is a definite must-have.

Its ultimate 4k Ultra HD video slick slow motion makes this the best action camera in the market and can also go underwater for up to 33 feet.

5.       Plantonics BackBeat PRO Headphones

Wires can be a hassle while traveling. You don't want your gadgets entangling in every twigs that you pass through. Plantonics BackBeat PRO Headphones offers you the best audio quality minus those frustrating wires. It also has a noise cancellation and has long lasting battery life that can reach up to 24 hours. This cool travel gadget is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.