The month of November has just started and people are getting ready for Black Friday. Amazon has already kicked off some sales last week and now what Sam's club has offer us on the Black Friday proper have leaked online.

Gadgets and appliances are what are in this season so people are expecting Sam's Club to introduce great deals on the following according to The Verge:





In line with the Black Friday madness, PC Mag has recommended things people should not buy before Black Friday since they are sure to be on sale.Televisions are number one on the list. Based on the previous Black Friday footage and sales shoppers are more likely to get great deals on televisions.

Laptops are also e xpected to be on sale on Black Friday. Though people have been crazy for tablets it's still evident that people still need laptops the same way. Black Friday is for gamers as well since Video Games are also expected to be on great deals this year. Gamers may go to retailers like GameStop Target Walmart, or Best Buy.

Those who collect DVDs and Blu-Rays will also have great deals this Black Friday as predicted. And for everyone, let us not forget Smartphones since they are part of the list every year. And to top it all, it is also expected that steep discounts on newer devices will be featured this year like last year. As usual, Black Friday will be on the day after Thanksgiving which will be on November 25th.