The biggest shopping season of the year is coming to a close, but it's going out with a bang! This Cyber Monday 2016, various travel destinations, promo packages, and trip deals will be at your finger tips.

Whether you're looking for cheap airfare, discounted hotel rates, or an overall budget-wise travel package, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to plan your international adventures. With hundreds of packages available for countless travel destinations, this shopper's holiday is surely a traveler's favorite holiday as well.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have always been known to come with jaw-dropping 24 hour to 48 hour first come first serve promos. This Cyber Monday 2016, several travel agencies have come up with incredible travel package promotions that are sure to take your breath away.

Travel sites such as Friendly Planet boasts over sixty packages for forty international destinations. These incredible packages come fully-loaded with flights, meals, accommodations and activities for extremely low prices.

These Cyber Monday 2016 travel package promotions include exotic locations such as India, Cuba, Dubai, Egypt, and many more dazzling destinations. Each package comes inclusive of travel costs, accommodation costs, transportation and other reservations so all you have to worry about is how much fun you're going to have.

Each package is inclusive of a ten day trip offered at rates with discounts up to $1100. Friendly Planet's 48 hour sale begins at the very start of Cyber Monday at 12:01 a.m.

Sources at Telegraph UK have also mentioned some incredible Cyber Monday travel package sales featuring everything from enchanting castle-hotel trips to first-class culinary journeys through Europe. These packages come at rates with discounts of up to seventy percent off.

Some of the best Cyber Monday travel sales featured by Telegraph include a three-night stay at a premier British lake country house and spa for less than $300. Other incredible package deals includes a five-night stay in a five-star resort in Portugal starting at around $200.

Most travel packages include travel dates in 2017, usually starting in February. However, other travel packages, such as the seven-night Barbados travel package by feature December 2016 travel dates.

Other great vacation getaways such as luxurious eighteen-day cruises through the Antarctic are also up for grabs during the big Cyber Monday 2016 blowout. Adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies will also love the incredible safari tour packages and extreme sports packages this shopping season.