A lot of travelers visit a country not just for its amazing tourist destinations, but also for the local culture and how friendly the locals are. Most tourists prefer to go to some of the happiest countries in the world where locals greet everybody and smile all the time. One country, on the other hand, is known revel in sad feelings as part of their culture.

According to BBC, in Portugal, nobody cares to wish each other a nice day. In fact, the most enthusiastic answer from Portuguese people when asked how their day is going is "mais ou menos", roughly equivalent to "so so" in English. (READ: The Walled-Off Town Of Obidos In Portugal)

Ranking 93rd out of 157 countries in the UN's World Happiness Report, tourists attractions are missing the statues of typical muscly men and macho generals of most European countries. Most statues in Portugal are dedicated to moody artists like poets and musicians posed in portraits of sadness. This theme is ensconced in a word important to many Portuguese: "saudade". Although untranslatable, it means something like a longing or sadness for something that gives great pleasure. It is important to note that unlike nostalgia, saudade refers to impossibility or something that will likely never happen. (READ: Portugal, One Of The Most Googled Countries In 2016)

Despite the sadness that is part of Portugal's culture, many other countries focus on happiness and progress. These countries are the happiest according to the UN's Survey:

1. Norway - This is the 3rd time in a row that this Scandinavian country has gotten the top rank. One of the richest countries in the world, this happy country also has one of the best safety and security and social capital. (READ: The World's Safest Cities)

2. Denmark - Like Norway, this is also the 3rd time Denmark ranks number two. Although a small country, opportunities for entrepreneurship and social equality are high with low start-up costs and high-quality connectivity.

3. Australia - Only the 5th happiest in 2009, Australia has improved in terms of happiness this year. Some factors that make its citizens happy include the good quality education, efficient government systems and a boom in trade by its many natural resources, according to Forbes. (READ: Best Places To Travel In December)

4. New Zealand - One of the happiest and most welcoming countries is New Zealand, which also ranks the highest in terms of tolerance for immigrants. In addition, this happy country also ranks high on the criteria of governance, education and personal freedom. (READ: Air New Zealand Named Most Excellent Airline of 2016)

5. Sweden - The 3rd Scandinavian country in this list, its citizens are known to be highly aware and socio-political. A good level of social equality ensures that everybody gets access to communication services, making this happy country a tech-savvy nation.