Staying warm this winter is a bit overrated! Why not try and embrace the cold winter season with these best ice hotels in the world? Here are five among the best and coolest winter destinations in the world. 

Enjoy magnificent snow sculptures at Kirkenes Snowhotel, Norway. According to Fodor, this hotel is embellished with all kinds of 'natural' winter decors such as ice and snow sculptures. Guests can enjoy locally made food and drinks. The winter hotel also features a snowy lodge where guests can pet reminders and feed huskies. There are also tons of winter activities to keep guests entertained during their stay such as enjoying northern lights tour while on a husky ride or perhaps a crab fishing tour.

Fulfill your Disney "Frozen" Dream with ICEHOTEL at Sweden. Built using the Torne River's frozen water, this Swedish Icehotel is just "Frozen" castle dream-come-true. Not only do they serve food on sparkling ice-cube plates, but they also have ice blocks for beds. But as icy as it may seem, you will not feel cold with its reindeer skins covered ice block beds. In fact, it is astoundingly warm! You can certainly imagine Queen Elsa roaming the halls and belting out 'Let It Go'.

Experience the majestic icy wonder at the Hotel Kakslauttanen Igloo Village. Guests can enjoy the enthralling winter star lights and northern lights while resting under the glass igloo. However, they also have the option to stay in a snow igloo if they want to have a warm and peaceful space to enjoy in. This delightful igloo village also features profound ice sculpture gallery. There is also a nearby Santa Resort where kids can enjoy in. To take things chillier, they also offer 'ice swimming activity'.

Delve into a Winter Wonderland at Snowcastle of Kemi, Finland. According to Condé Nast Traveler, Snowcastle has the largest snow fort in the word. The 21-room winter castle is a perfect destination for people who want to appreciate frozen beauty with its numerous ice sculptures. Guests can dine in 'cool' style at the hotel restaurants glassy ice tables. Their cream of smoked reindeer soup is definitely a must try! You can also get married in 'cool' fashion at the caste's SnowChapel! This is definitely one of the best ice hotels.

Get in touch with your cool side with the Hotel de Glace in Quebec City. This Canada's own ice hotel is definitely a cool place to stay during the winter season. They have the perfect blend of warmth and coolness with its 25 degrees Fahrenheit rooms while having ice-made bed frames. Exclusive suites also have their own fireplace if guests find it too cold for their taste.

Experiencing this kind of "cool" cold could actually be good for you. According to CNN, your brain performs better when it is chilly and cold. Most of these winter destinations may lack warmth and the sunshine, but they very much make up for it with its enchanting decors and novel amenities.  

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