Coloring books are not just for kids, they are for adults too! Releasing your artsy side through coloring books can help you relax your mind and have fun. What more if you can do this while discovering the other parts of the world?

Here is a list of coloring books for adults that promotes different travel destinations. 

Grab a copy of the "Ultimate Travel Coloring in Book." This is Lonely Planet's travel destination bucket list. The Ultimate Travel Coloring Book offers you 100 line drawings of wonderful places and tourist destinations around the world. Every page also provides description of the place. It's a tour guide and art craft in one! You can purchase it in Lonely Planet's Shop here.

Discover Tokyo in "Secret: Tokyo Color Your Way to Calm" Coloring Book. Color those intricate and elaborate designs of Japanese shrines and palaces and discover more about the culture of Tokyo through this Japan-themed coloring book. If you are a fan of cute kimonos and sakura blossoms, Discover Tokyo In Secret can cure your 'Kawaii blues'. Purchase it in Amazon here. Check out Secret Paris and Secret New York coloring book too.

"Release Your Anger: An Adult Coloring Book with 40 Swear Words to Color and Relax" is for those who want to put color on profanity--literally! There's no better way to release all that negative energy than to express your emotion trough art. This book lets you color your favorite swear words. 

"A global bestseller, this beautiful coloring book features 40 creative and intricate designs with classic and wonderfully original insults, exclamations and swear words to help you relax and let go of the stressful situations in your life." stated its description in Amazon.

"Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book" is for you if you're a fan of castles, fairy-tales, and magical forests. This coloring book by Johanna Basford offers you beautiful drawings of castles and forests but also provides a story and some fun mazes. You can also color its book jacket! Purchase it on Amazon here.

Download pages of Yotel Coloring and Activity Book. If you're a little out of dough but are itching to put your hands to work and be artistic, simply go to Yotel's website, where they offer their coloring pages to be downloaded for free! Simply click the images on the website and a downloaded PDF will open in your browser. You can also share your finished work and use the #YOTELMasterpiece for a chance to have a free stay. 

Do you have your own favorite coloring books for grown ups? Share them with us below!