JetBlue introduces its newest livery in their RetroJet promoting their maxim "What's Old Is Blue Again" on an Airbus A320. The new designs can also be seen on the staff's uniforms and other plane accessories.

The concept behind the design is the colorful 1960s, and the idea of what would JetBlue, a 16-year old airline, design be if they were around at that time, in an era when air travel is considered to be chic and fab.

"The fonts are Craw Modern and Franklin Gothic; both were widely used and represented during the era. For colors, JetBlue has standard blue and orange shades we uniformly use today. We took our current color palette and reverse engineered it to our 1960s brand. We had to ask ourselves: To be where we are today, where would we have come from?" the JetBlue Design Team stated in their website, explaining who they came up with the logo. 

To come up with this, the airline stated that they researched several popular logos from the 1960s of the most popular companies of air travel and that they have to "reverse-engineer the JetBlue brand and envision what the customer-friendly carrier of today might have looked like some five decades ago."

RetroJet recently debuted the retro theme in a flight from New York to Palm Springs which included a fashion show where flights attendants modelled their newly-designed uniform.

This location is selected because of Palm Springs' mid-century retro feel that can add up for a bit of nostalgia that compliments with RetroJet's design.

According to USA Today, the retro-theme of the airline is not just a tribute for the 'broader retro motif' but also a homage to the 1962 TWA Flight Center building which is still standing at JFK which is adjacent to JetBlue's Terminal 5.