The Corinthia Hotel in London has launched a more scientific approach to its offerings of rest and relaxation. With its year-round in-house neuroscientist and "Brain Power" packages, this pioneer in the hotel industry seeks to offer both body and brain stimulation to its valued guests.

With the help of world-renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Tara Swart, The Corinthia Hotel has begun offering hotel package options that are all specifically designed to improve physical and mental health. These "Brain Power" packages intend to provide guests with restful hotel stays and potential positive lifestyle changes.

According to the Corinthia Hotel website, these specially-designed packages offer food and beverages, room amenities and spa treatments that are meant to assist guests in the achievement of peak brain performance. According to Dr. Swart, the things that people consume and sleep all stimulate the senses and play key roles in the creation of ideal brain performance conditions.

In line with the packages, "Brain Power" rooms come equipped with heated marble floors, heat-regulating natural fiber mattresses, black out blinds, earth tone colors and lavender-scented bed covers. These features are directed towards the improvement of sleep quality, promotion of relaxation, and the neutralization of negative external forces.

The Brain Power package also includes a gourmet menu that is composed of brain-enriching foods such as avocado, salmon, and olives, as well as an array of drinks including whole fat milk, mocktails and a variety of teas. This three-course menu comes with a selection of three starters, three main dishes, and three desserts available for restaurant dining, spa cafe service, or in-room dining.

In an interview with Telegraph UK, Dr Swart indicated that the lifestyle patterns she promotes are applicable to home and family lifestyles. She states that her aim is to assist in the maximization of brain potential during both work and relaxed states.

In addition to assisting in the creation of hotel services, Dr Tara Swart will also be giving a series of talks, and intends to hold one-on-one sessions with the hotel's most valued guests so as to offer advice on minimizing the negative effects of constant travel.

Furthermore, the renowned neuroscientist has expressed her intention to conduct a study on the mental health of selected staff members throughout the hotel. She has announced that her findings will be published at the end of her one year hotel residency.