Having a pair of sneakers that can tie their own lace will sure cost you a fortune. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, the first mass- market shoes to use Nike's new self- lacing technology, will cost $720. Customers who want to grab a pair would have to set up an appointment in order to see and buy the shoe in person starting December 1.

According to Business Insider, The Nike HyperAdapt self- lacing shoes were first announced by the shoe company during its innovation conference in March and reported that the Nike CEO Mark Parker has described the self- lacing sneakers will be "as big as self- driving cars in the future, with both mainstream appeal and application."

These self- lacing shoes, the new site added, will feature a signature adaptive fit that will sense when the wearer's foot is in the shoe using a pressure sensor. The shoe will automatically tighten the straps until it senses resistance based on an "algorithmic pressure equation."

There are also LED lights on the sole of the Nike self- lacing shoes that will tell the wearer if the shoe is tightening or low in battery charge. USA Today has reported that the self- lacing shoes takes 3 hours to fully recharge and its battery life lasts up to two weeks. The report has also stated that the concept of the self- lacing technology on the Nike HyperAdapt sneakers was inspired by a pair worn in the film "Back to The Future II." 

It has also been revealed by the news site that the information on the price of the self- lacing shoes were first revealed by YouTuber Jacques Slade who runs a channel devoted to the latest sneakers. Reports have stated that it took 11 years for the shoe company to research on the self- lacing shoe concept. The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 will be available in three colors: black, white, and black/gray.