In the old times, this "#"symbol means number sign. Nowadays, because of the rise of social media, this simple metadata tag has become a Millenial colloquial term "hashtag." Did you ever hear someone says #nofomo or "hashtag nofomo"? When you're born in 1960s and still has no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account up to now, you might get lost. The acronym stands for having No Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Millenials are born from 1980 to 2000 and the largest generations to date. They are adventurous, career-oriented, plugged-in and have grown totally surrounded by high-tech gadgets, social networks and the Internet. According to Hospitality.Net, "The Millennial Traveler, the endless explorer thirsty for knowledge, prefers to travel to learn something new. They're prone to taking last minute trips to satisfy sudden wanderlust. Social media plays a pivotal role in how the millennial traveler makes their decisions. In fact, 87 percent are looking at Facebook for travel inspiration." European countries like Andalusia, Spain; Split, Croatia; Svalbard, Norway and Savanah, Georgia in US are some of their preferred top travel destinations. Let's find out why.

Andalusia, Spain: Millenials want to learn something new while travelling. And Andalusia offers a wide-variety of historical and architectural feast like the Alhambra Palace. It is a grandiose complex of buildings and gardens. It was in the height of its power during the 14th century and was the major political and aristocratic center of the Moslem West. Another place to visit is the Great Mosque of Cordoba. It was built in 785. The design looks like a labyrinth of stunning columns with double arcades and horseshoe arches.

Svalbard, Norway: Adventurous, young people are thrill-makers and they do not settle for something ordinary. Svalbard in Norway is a home for their audacious trips. There are plenty of things to do in here like arctic dogsled-expedition, fossil hunting, snowmobile safari and if they're lucky, they will have a chance to meet polar bears.

Split, Croatia: Laptops, tablets, smartphones are used by millenials in watching fictional series. In Croatia, there's a tour called "Game of Thrones" Walking Tour of Dubrovnik. Discover some of the television show's fictional location. Ready that camera and post your selfies or groupies, make your friends green with envy.

Savanah, Georgia: Savannah is known as "America's Most Haunted City," and ghost hunting has been a must-try activity when visiting. 6th Sense World Historic Ghost & Cemetery Tours is offering a walking tour that will take the brave to the heart of the Bonaventure Cemetery for some real-life horror movie experience. Millenials won't back out on that.

So if you're planning to get that #vacationgoals, think like a millenials and be adventurous. As they said, #YOLO; in case you don't know what it means, You Only Live Once. Make this world your playground and enjoy its offerings.