The Nintendo NES Classic Edition seems to be on everyone's wish list and the demand on it seems to be increasing. Stores like Amazon has sold put all of its supply just seconds after it has made available at 2PM Pacific Time on Friday.

The traffic on Amazon's page became so heavy and it seemed that Amazon took it down or went down by itself, as reported by Tech Crunch. There was also no indication as to how many NES Classic Edition consoled were sold by Amazon.

Even GameStop and Toys R Us only had less than 20 units and sold them in just half an hour after their opening. The report also stated that people have lined up outside Target and Best Buy stores hoping to get their own NES Classic Edition console. And since the supply of the console was limited, many retail stores have posted signs on the doors of their stores that reflect how many NES Classic Edition units they have available.

According to Digital Trends, retailers still have no idea of when then next shipment of the game console will be but they are guessing that the NES Classic Edition supply will replenish by Black Friday. The Nintendo NES Classic Edition console is identical but smaller than the original Nintendo Entertainment System which was launched in the mid- 1980's.

It comes with a classic NES controller, uses HDMI connectivity and 30 pre- installed games from Super Mario Bros. to the original Final Fantasy and Metroid installment. The NES Classic Edition also allows the users to save the state of a game any time. In line with this, Nintendo has assured its customers that there will be a "steady flow" on the supply of the NES Classic Edition and that the company is working hard to keep up with the demand of the consumers.