Sweden is one of the countries that stand out during the height of winter. You'll surely have a wonderful holiday in this picturesque land that will pass as a setting for magical fairy tales. Enjoy your "fika," sip your coffee while it's hot and savor the aroma of the cinnamon roll. You'll surely have a great time exploring the country.

1. Find Rudolf and check if he really is a red-nosed reindeer- Let Lapland Wilderness Tours take you through the forests and tundra regions to search for reindeers, moose, wolverines, brown bears and wolves. Ready your camera and don't let your fear of wild animals distract your adventure. And if you found Rudolf send him your wishlist too.

2. Aurora is not sleeping tonight- Spellbinding! Experience the glory of the Aurora Borealis swaying radiantly above you. And feel like Santa Claus as you ride on a dogsled pulled by Alaskan Huskies. Picture perfect moment; the Northern Lights plus the fabulous huskies equal a lot of hearts on instagram.

3. Elsa's castle has a match- Book a room at Icehotel Sweden. It's a hotel and an art exhibition made literally of ice! You're still human and your superpowers might weaken inside the hotel's -5 to -7 C temperature. But you do not have to worry; they provide expedition-style sleeping bags that are tested for extreme temperatures. You may check their website for more information and dress code.

4. Check if Nemo is lost in the frozen lakes too- There are thousands of lakes and rivers all over the country where you can drill a hole through a frozen body of water and catch fish like salmon, perch, whitefish and trout. Make a date with Nemo's friends and check Fishing in Sweden's website for prices and other accommodation.

5. The Gingerbread Man is alive- If you're hungry, go straight to Gamla stan and fill your stomach with good food. Order smoked meats, pepparkakor (gingerbread cookies) and pair it with glögg (mulled wine).