"The Predator" fans sure know that in the three "Predator" movies are taken at different settings. A South American Jungle of the first movie, Los Angles on the "Predator 2," and the third movie, "Predators" was set in the titular creatures' home world. And while the fans are waiting for the upcoming movie, it has leaked the internet that it will bring the audiences to the suburbs: which is very unusual.

The new "Predator" movie, according to Cinemablend, will still follow a group of characters "and that it will fit into the canon of the franchise and won't be a reboot." It has been previously reported that the movie will also star new cast additions from the previous "The Predator" movies. According to reports, the central protagonist in the movie which was portrayed by Benicio Del Toro will be replaced by Boyd Holbrook due to scheduling conflicts, according to reports.

 The Hollywood Reporter also revealed that Olivia Munn might also join Holbrook in the new movie and is set to portray the role of a scientist which is opposite to Holbrook's Special Forces commando. Munn also starred in Fox's summer "X-Men" franchise outing, "X-men: Apocalypse," where she portrayed the role as the mutant Psylocke. She will also star in Dreamwork's ensemble comedy "Office Christmas Party."

The plot details on the film on the other hand, are still not yet revealed though The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that "The story plunks the alien hunter - whom audiences have seen fight in jungles, concrete jungles, frozen wastelands and alien planets - in the harsh environment of ... suburbia."

The script on "The Predator" is being co- written by Shane Black and Fred Dekker and will be directed by Black. The production on "The Predator" will start next year 2017, and Twentieth Centruy Fox have has announced that the film will start showing in theaters a year after on February 9, 2018.