Someone feels excited to fulfill her dream to take a dive in the beach after a long vacation hiatus. Her swimwears are already packed in an orderly color-coded manner and dresses are mostly white to feel comfortable during hot afternoon breaks while walking in the powdery white sand. Sumptuous desserts and dinner are waiting for her to devour after she made reservations in fancy beachfront restaurants. The tropical sanctuary that will house her for couple of days is just few miles away. And hours from now she can lay down her tired body in the most luxurious room that she can afford.

Really, her daydream vacation is so near and within her reach. So she went to the airport and fall in line for the security check up. The officers checked her items and there she go, she forgot the guidelines and her liquid bottles are confiscated. The shampoo, lotions, sunscreen are all above 100 ml.

Her favorite Chanel No. 5 that she plans to unbox during dinner date is left in the airport. And worst, her white dresses are soaked with orange juice that burst inside the luggage; all are forgotten because of too much excitement. Epic fail! Please double check the things that you will bring so that you do not have to suffer the same situation. Here are five common mistakes mostly every traveller do and let's learn how to avoid them.

1. Overjoy, over packed

Mostly girls have a lot of knick knacks that they want to bring along with them, dress, toiletries, etc. But there are ways to still be stylish even without the extra accessories. To avoid over-packing, plan your get-up ahead of time, stick to a basic color palette like black, white, nude and navy blue. It works with everything else. Remember the general rules of three tops for every bottom, don't worry no one will notice. Also, leave your favorite towel, the hotel will provide that for you.

2.Jacket on summer

Every country has different climate, research the weather condition of the place that you're going to. You don't want to ruin your vacation just because your only choice is to wear jacket while the sun is trying to fry you. Fortunately, there are weather apps that you can download nowadays.

3.Swimming should never be planned.

Swimwears are very easy and light to pack. Whether you plan to swim or not, just bring them along with you. Hotels have Jacuzzis and swimming pools, so if you're tempted to take a dip, you do not have to worry, just give in and just keep swimming.

4. Later, late-comer

Traffic is bad almost everywhere so give yourself time to prepare for it. Adjust your watch, you can make it 30 minutes in advance so that you will have buffer to do other things than cramming and stressing yourself at the airport. Being on time is okay but it is better if you are ahead of time.

5.Lazy bag owner

Most of us are lazy to protect our belongings from the possible change of weather. To avoid getting your bags all wet from the sudden downpour, you should always carry a huge plastic bag or even CLEAN garbage bag during travel. If ever you'll ride a boat going to the island, it will keep your bag safe and dry.