Upon the announcement of Nintendo about its latest video game console Nintendo Switch, the CEO of Ubisoft Entertainment, Yves Guillemot praised the new game console and called it a "true innovation". He also said that their company is currently developing a "surprise" game for the new console.

CEO Yves Guillemot highly praised the new Nintendo console during one of Ubisoft's conference calls. "The March quarter will also see the release of the Nintendo Switch. As we have already said, we think the platform is great. For the first time ever, players will be able to continue their home console experience on the go while travelling or commuting. That is a true innovation", according to Nintendolife

"With the Switch's unique capacities and design, Nintendo could again redefine the way we play games! The Switch is accessible at its core and will give people the freedom and the pleasure to share more experiences and play anywhere at any time. The Ubisoft teams developing games for the Switch are inspired by these new possibilities, and I'm really happy that we're able to continue doing great things with Nintendo. In addition to Just Dance 2017, I think there's at least one game that will definitely surprise you!" said Guillemot about the upcoming game for the Nintendo Switch console that Ubisoft is currently developing, according to GameRant.

Rumors about the "surprise" game that Ubisoft has been developing for the new Nintendo Switch claimed that it was a game sequel to one of Ubisoft's earlier game, Beyond Good & Evil, which was a game that was released back in 2003 for Sony PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Nintendo GameCube platforms. Fans of the Nintendo game company all over the world are eagerly waiting for the release of their newest console that was claimed by many as the new game-changer in the world of gaming business.