Tiny houses has been the recent craze when it comes to choosing places to stay, both as permanent estates and as vacation houses, especially due to its unique creative design and convenience when it comes to occupying small spaces. They can be easily crafted and very eco-friendly. Due to their sizes, tiny houses can be easily moved to any locations, even in remote areas like forests or beaches. With these attributes, the tiny house can become the perfect place for a holiday or a weekend getaway. Here is a list of five tiny houses featured in Architectural Digest that can be rented for vacation purposes.

The Wedge Cabin of Jackson Hole, Wyoming is considered both as a summer home and a ski cabin, according to HomeAway. There are twenty-three of these mini wooden cabins available for rent.

Getaway's the Maisie is located at the New York upstate. It is a mini lodge that is considered as a good place of relaxation from hustle and bustle of the city, complete with a peaceful leafy environment.

The Silo Studio, found in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, used to be a sculptor's workshop. It is little wooden house with a cone-shaped roof that is seated within a garden scenery, surrounded by ponds and a nearby forest. One might think that it does look like one of those houses from fairy tales.

Getaway's the Ovida is a tiny house located two hours away from Boston and is said to be a good place for a family vacation or a trip for friends. This perfect weekend getaway place is surrounded by forests and a nearby lakeside.

Mt. Hood Tiny House Village is located outside Portland, Oregon. It is a mini village is composed of five tiny houses. One of its tiny houses, a 233-square-foot tiny house can accommodate five guests and has a superb kitchen.

Here is a video of a tiny house tour, complete with how it is constructed: