There will always be highlights and low points for every trip. However, one seemingly insignificant part of a trip can create a lasting impression about a place: the airport. Considering this is both the first and last place you visit on a trip, it is capable of creating a strong impression. For your comfort, safety and security, we're giving you a list of some of the world's worst airports.

1. Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport (Venezuela)

Despite being known as one of the best airports in all of America in its earlier years of operation, time and corruption have definitely brought this airport down. With constant travellers' comments about the airport's lack of modernization, amenities, equipment, security and hygiene, it's safe to say this is not an airport you'll want to spend more than a few hours in.

2. Port Harcourt International Airport (Nigeria)

Previously a winner of the title "Worst Airport in the World," Port Harcourt has made some decent changes in the past year. However, it's still considered to be one of the world's worst airports.

If you can imagine an place ith a hot, mosquito-filled tent instead of an arrival hall and a big disorganized pile of luggage instead of a conveyor belt, then you can imagine what it's like flying in and out of this "airport." 

3. Ho Chi Minh Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Vietnam)

While dirty bathrooms and poor Wi-Fi connection may not seem like complete disasters, the real weakness of this airport lies with the staff. A majority of travellers have reported similar complaints regarding poor staff performance and conduct.

SleepingInAirports, an online travel community dedicated to the reviewing of airports, stated that the customs services were the worst aspect of this airport. It was stated that customs officers ask for bribes in order to avail of faster processing times. Refusal of payment immediately meant unreasonable delays and paperwork issues.

4. Tashkent International Airport (Uzbekistan)

One thing you may never be able to avoid at an airport is having to stand in line. This, of course, would not be a problem as lines are means of discipline and order. However, these are things that Tashkent clearly doesn't have.

Due to the lack of crowd control and adequate security, travellers constantly report having been pushed and shoved for spots in line. Forget about reserving your place. At this airport, you'll have to be on the defensive side to simply get into the line.

5. Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport (Saudi Arabia)

The winner of this year's title of "Worst Airport in the World" has gone to the out-of-control, practically chaotic airport of Jeddah King. With complete disregard of signs and warnings, revolting smells coming from all over, and irresponsible immigration officers, most travellers would definitely recommend against travelling through this airport.

However, if it's absolutely necessary for you to fly out through Jeddah King, be prepared for the worst. Travelers have reported being delayed for up to thirty hours due to airline mistakes and human error. In these cases, we highly recommend that you get out as soon as you can so you can spend your time anywhere else.