Conde Nast Traveler readers have ranked the ten best airports outside the US.

10. Vancouver International Airport

It only takes less than half an hour to reach this airport from the city centre when taking the rapid transit Canada Line. Even if this airport is only second busiest to Toronto, It offers multiple routes from the Pacific up to Asia, as well as other routes to Europe.

9. Zurich Airport

This airport has the best VIP Lounges, five of which are for SWISS International Airlines and the best duty free shops for chocolates.

8. Abu Dhabi International Airport

The best thing about this airport is the 24 Finnish-designed GoSleep sleeping pods in terminal 3 which are basically comfy chairs that be  converted into a fully enclosed lay-flat beds. There is also an option to use the free shower facilities when in this airport.

7. Hamad International Airport

There are unaccompanied minors' lounge, a handful quiet rooms for the use of all passengers as we activity nodes that can keep kids entertained with TVs, computers, and games.

6. Tokyo Haneda

The highest rating for this airport is for its accessibility. It only takes 13 minutes to reach this airport via Tokyo's subway system. Flights non-stop to Los Angeles are flown by Delta and All Nippon Airways here daily. By passenger counts, this is the third busiest airport in Asia and the fourth busiest in the world.

5. Seoul-Incheon

The sleep airport is efficiently laid out and has bigger than most VIP Lounges.

4. Ben Gurion Airport

Know as being one of the world's most secure airports, this one is named after Israel's first prime minister. Ben Gurion Airport has consistently won awards for being the best airport in the Middle East.

3. Hong Kong International Airport

HKIA accommodates 100 carriers and serves 50 cities in mainland China. There is also airport express train with free wifi on board and stellar VIP Lounges.

2. Dubai International

This airport's highest scores are for its lavish VIP Loungers. As one of the nicest hubs to connect through, this one has a Zen Garden, free wi-fi, and complementary showers.

1. Changi Airport Singapore

There's free wi-fi, more than 500 internet stations, metered taxi for only $30 and free tours if you have a layover for at least six hours, Changi has consistently been voted as the world's #1 airport.