After a year of hiatus due to being booted from the previous event location, the Indian Lookout Country Club in Mariaville, New York, this East Coast festival made a comeback in 2015 with a new location and a new outlook.

The 13th iteration of the Camp Bisco festival brought tens of thousands of attendees and travelers to the new location, Montage Mountain, and kicked off optimistically.

The focus at Camp Bisco is clear from the get-go, "Party hard". The wild, weird electronic vibes are grounded by the main event which is staggered throughout the weekend of long, winding jam fusion sets from the Disco Biscuits at the Electric City main stage. The group is known for their trippy light shows and epic cover songs.

In addition to Electric City, Camp Bisco has several other stages. There's the Above the Waves stage and the Steamtown stage, which hosts various acts throughout the weekend and a disco lounge which plays host to plenty of after-hours dance parties.

All told, the festival grounds would take around 20 minutes of walking to cover. A major perk of the festival's new location is that it flanks a water park, which provides a much-needed respite of coolness for the 14,000 festival goers mired in the summertime heat.

The festival is set literally on a mountain, stages are staggered and take some altitudinal trekking for one to get to. But even though it can be slightly a physical challenge which is something to note if you prefer a flat, friendly layout, there are definitely many rewards to reap at the end of each trek.

Camping is allowed at Camp Bisco and it's recommended, as the festival grounds are quite far from the parking lots. The festival provides a shuttle from the parking area to the entrance, but once you finally get there, it's likely that you won't want to spend too much of your weekend coming and going.